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ACR Expert Witness Practice Parameter 2017

December 1, 2017 | Authored by: Neerav Mehta

ACR blind

When an expert is given a radiology case by an attorney, they have lost their objectivity. The battle is already lost. What’s the chance that the attorney is giving them a normal case? What’s the chance that the attorney is giving them a case with only minor findings? Common sense dictates that the case being provided by an attorney is a bad one... the finding was a major one and the outcome was bad. Bad enough to warrant a lawsuit.

So can an attorney provide a case to an expert witness radiologist without losing the trustworthiness battle? The solution lies in a blind review. The radiologist needs to be blinded to the fact that the case was provided by an attorney. This radiologist will review the case more objectively than the expert who is not blinded. In 2017, the American College of Radiology acknowledged this and even codified it into their expert witness practice parameter:


“Images and other relevant material presented in a blinded fashion to the expert in a malpractice lawsuit strengthens the credibility of the opinion rendered by the expert.”


Cleareview offers the platform necessary to achieve this blinded review, and bolster the expert witness’s objectivity. Your own expert witness, or one of ours, will review the case free of bias on our unique web based platform with Blind Expert Review. The objective review of your client’s radiology case will tip the scales of trustworthiness in your direction. Even in the pre-trial phase, our Blind Panel Review will provide additional objective data that can be used as a branch point in the decision tree... whether to settle, how much to settle for, or whether to continue the fight at trial. A combination of Blind Panel Review and Blind Expert Review can give you the complete package of objective guidance pre-trial, and objective expert witness testimony at trial.