Dr. Robinson formed Cleareview in 2012 as a response to the claim that radiologist expert witnesses were inevitably biased when reviewing radiological examinations involved in malpractice litigation. Cleareview streamlines the fact-finding process by improving expert witness’s credibility. Dr. Mehta developed the BlindPanel Review in 2015 to address the same issue. We are proud to offer both services to the medical and legal professions.

Cleareview Leadership


Dr. Robinson studied and trained at Washington University, the University of Minnesota, UCLA, the University of Washington and the University of Massachusetts. He was a Network Fellow at the Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard Law School. He is an author or co-author of more than thirty scientific publications. Board certified in diagnostic radiology, he has over twenty-five years of clinical radiology experience. He has been consulted on numerous medical-legal cases by both plaintiff's and defendant's counsel and has an extensive background in information technology, with an emphasis on medical imaging.


Dr. Mehta studied medicine and trained in radiology at Boston University, Brown University, and the University of Pennsylvania. He is board certified in diagnostic radiology and neuroradiology, with 17 years of clinical radiology experience. In addition to diagnostic imaging, he holds a Master’s degree in economics from the Healthcare Management department at the Wharton school. He has consulted on several neuroradiology medical-legal cases and has pioneered the BlindPanel Review process.


Cleareview has my strongest endorsement.  As a litigator who frequently tries medical malpractice cases, I can directly attribute some of my successful trial outcomes to the use of Cleareview in radiology cases.  Jurors are consistently impressed by my experts because of the fact that they conducted truly prospective reviews of the involved radiology studies in contrast to the other experts.  Jurors truly understand hindsight bias and how only Cleareview has devised a method of eliminating this bias.  You cannot go wrong with a “blind” review from Cleareview!

Rebecca Ringer, JD
Floyd, Pfluger & Ringer
Seattle, Washington

“Cleareview is a great service that allows us to conduct truly blinded radiology reviews. It’s professional and easy to use.”

Brad Piscadlo, JD
Hodgkinson, Street & Mepham
Portland, Oregon

“I thought I would be looking really closely at every case. After a while I realized that I wasn’t doing anything that different from what I do on a daily basis.”

David Levitsky, MD
Wenatchee, Washington

Medical-legal reviews suffer from hindsight bias, which is hard to eliminate. I have often thought that the best way to determine the "standard of care" in a missed radiology diagnosis would be to slip the case into a routine worklist for multiple busy radiologists, and to see how often the finding was made.
Individual cases sent out to expert witnesses, even if they are doing "blinded reads", receive extra scrutiny, making the evaluations unrealistic.
Cleareview has come up with the best approach I have seen yet for reducing these biases. They send several cases, some normal, some not, with the key case embedded in the "stack".
I have impressed with the quality of the cases sets shown, and the software then reveals sample or real reports. It keeps you more "honest" than the typical isolated retrospective review.
I think the medico-legal system would do well to challenge experts to spot abnormalities in such a setting.

Erik Gaensler, MD
Walnut Creek, California

Cleareview in the News

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Dr. Robinson presents Cleareview’s unique approach to eliminating expert witness bias at the Ending Institutional Corruption conference at the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard Law School, May 1, 2015. See Dr. Robinson’s presentation here.

Minimizing Bias in Interpreting Plaintiff’s X-rays.

Published in Inside Medical Liability 2014 First Quarter
Dr. Robinson reviews the causes of expert reviewer bias, and outlines the Cleareview process as an approach to minimize that bias. Full article available here.

Start-up takes aim at bias in expert witness testimony

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Posted on ClearCanvas.ca September 16, 2013 Cleareview’s use of state-of-the-art technology is recognized by PACS vendor ClearCanvas. Full text here.