Cleareview® does away with expert witness bias.

Evaluating radiology claims demands objective review. However, all expert testimony is biased by the knowledge that the material being reviewed is in dispute. Cleareview presents your radiologic studies in a fashion that eliminates bias.

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What We Do

Blind Panel Review

10 board-certified radiologists review the study at issue, which has been disguised and inserted into their daily work flow. They are unaware that the exam is the subject of litigation.

Blind Expert Review

An expert witness reviews a set of radiology studies, one of which is at issue in litigation. The expert assesses all the exams, not knowing which one is at issue, providing an unbiased assessment of the litigation exam.

Blind Image Hosting

Cleareview can de-identify examinations and reports in your possession and make them available in a secure partition of our image archive, accessible only to you or those you authorize.

Expert Witness Recruiting

For clients who do not have experts available to them, Cleareview can assist in selection of a suitable expert.