Blind Expert Review

Review sets contain de-identified exams that are similar to those that the original radiologist would have encountered when interpreting the exam at issue. There may or may not be other exams from prior litigation, so the expert cannot simply look for an outlier. Depending on your preference, the original radiologist report can be suppressed, asking the expert to provide impressions of each exam. Alternatively, exams are presented with the original reports, and the expert decides whether the original report met the standard of care. Finally, the report can be suppressed, and only when the expert has entered impressions of the exam is the original report made available for review to have the expert determine whether the standard pf care had been met.

Blind Panel Review

10 radiology reviews performed by our patent pending process. Cleareview will de-identify your case and slip it into the daily workflow of a large national radiology group where it is interpreted by 10 board certified radiologists. The radiologists are blinded as to the legal nature of the case, interpreting it in the same frame as they do all clinical cases, removing all bias. The process is double blind, so Cleareview is not biased as to which radiologists performed the interpretation. By receiving 10 reports per case, Cleareview can help determine the validity of pursuing or defending your case. At trial, the data can be presented as part of the basis of your expert’s opinion.

De-identification and Hosting

Cleareview’s hosting service makes exams available to a geographically dispersed group of reviewers in a HIPAA-compliant fashion. This service can be particularly useful for quality assurance or claims committee reviews without disseminating protected health information.

Expert Witness Recruitment

Cleareview maintains a registry of radiologists who are available for our ClearExpert Review. These radiologists are familiar with blind review process, and when retained, are further blinded as to whether the client is a defense or plaintiff, providing yet another level of objectivity. While a client may choose to retain their own expert to perform a ClearExpert Review, we can also provide one from our registry. Clients review the qualifications as well as the expert witness rates prior to selection of an expert.

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