Blind Expert Review

Our core service. Cleareview provides the expert witness with a review set of actual patient exams for review, one of which is at issue in your case. As is the case in a clinical setting, each exam is accompanied by all available prior exams and reports, so the expert radiologist is reviewing the exam in a manner most similar to the original radiologist. The distractor exams may be normal or abnormal, with at least one exam from a prior lawsuit. The expert assesses each exam objectively, since the current plaintiff’s exam is unknown.

Standard of Care assessment

In this scenario, the expert is provided with the original radiologist’s report for each exam. The expert determines whether or not the report meets the standard of care for that exam. If not, the expert is provided the opportunity to elaborate on the shortcomings of the report.


In this scenario, the expert is provided with the exam bot not the radiologist’s report. The expert provides his or her opinion of the exam in a free text format. This method provides the attorney with the experts opinion of the exam at issue, which can be compared to the original report.

Combined assessment

In this method, the expert first enters an opinion on an exam, and only then is provided with the original radiologists’ report. The expert then performs the Standard of Care assessment described above. This method can be more time consuming, but combines the advantages of both the Standard of Care assessment with the Impressions method.

De-identification Services

Cleareview can anonymize exams and reports in your possession should you so desire, apart from any blinded expert review. These can be returned to you on physical media, or stored in a secure partition of our PACS, accessible only to you or those you authorize.

Cleareview Expert

Our personnel division, Cleareview Expert, maintains a registry of radiologists who are available for Cleareview blind reviews. These radiologists are familiar with the Cleareview process, and when retained through Cleareview Expert, are blinded as to whether the client is a defense or plaintiff, providing yet another level of objectivity to the review process.

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